Esittelyssä uusi ankkuri: Colin Kolbe

Ankkurin miesten ryhmä vahvistuu ensi kaudelle todellisella tulevaisuuden suurlupauksella: nuorten maailmanmestari Colin Kolbe liittyy seuraan! Colin voitti kesällä Unkarissa käydyissä nuorten MM-kisoissa sprintin, ja hänestä tuli näin ensimmäinen miespuolinen saksalainen nuorten maailmanmestari. Syksyn PWT-kiertueella Kiinassa hän voitti yhden osakilpailun kukistaen samalla monia aikuisten MM-mitalisteja, joten vauhtia nuorella miehellä jo riittää. Mikään sprinttispesialisti hän ei kuitenkaan ole, ja yhtenä tärkeimpänä pontimena hakeutua Ankkuriin oli mahdollisuus kehittyä suunnistajana nimenomaan pohjoismaisissa maastoissa. Colin on erittäin tervetullut lisä kehittyvään, nuorekkaaseen ja kansainväliseen edustusryhmäämme.

Tämän Ankkuri-perheen ennenaikaisen joululahjan tarkempi sisältö selviää alla olevasta haastattelusta.

Name: Colin Kolbe

Born: 24.03.1998

Best accomplishments so far:
1st at JWOC 2018 Sprint
1st at PWT Stage 3 Beijing 2018
1st at German Middle and Sprint in Elite 2018
1st at German Long in M20 2018
Also ran my first WOC this year (sprint, sprint-relay, relay)

Why and how you became an orienteer?
My parents introduced me to the sport when I was very little since then I collected a decent amount of “Kids-O” maps. I liked being active since I started walking, over time running and orienteering were the things I liked the most, so I got more and more into orienteering. I just love orienteering and the freedom you feel running through the forest or other terrains. Also the constant challenge of balancing running and orienteering itself is what I like about the sport.

Where do you live and what do you study?
Born and raised in Dortmund.
Still living and also studying in Dortmund (Mechanical engineering)

Plans and goals for this remaining next season and beyond:
For 2019 WOC is definitely the main goal but the other World Cup races are on my schedule as well! The goal in general for 2019 is to find my way into the Elite, and therefore improve further physically and mentally. Plus of course the big relays!
Beyond that my goal is to become one of the best orienteers, so still a long and hard way ahead of me!

Previous clubs:
Haven´t run for any other clubs in Scandinavia before.
German club: TUS Lübbecke

Why did you choose Ankkuri?
I was looking for Scandinavian club for the next seasons to develop further as an orienteer in different terrain types. Therefore I was looking for a club which can support me in my current situation, has a cool team where I fit it plus a cool team-spirit. I believe I all found that with Ankkuri!

Favourite terrain:
I like all kinds of terrain – forest wise I am coming from quite a “boring” part from Germany, so I am often excited already by very “simple” terrains. But I would say that I like those open, fast and detailed nordic forests. I remember a map from training for JWOC 2017 a bit north of Tampere which was just about fast running with precise orienteering!

Well there isn’t a specific idol as there are a lot of amazing athletes in orienteering and of course other sports but in orienteering I am really fascinated by Daniel Hubmann and his consistency to deliver in different terrains and distances.

Favourite relay leg:
Don’t have a favorite leg…

Best orienteering memory:
There are so many! – just this year there are so many…
But one I like to remember is from a TC in June 2017 in Tampere with the national team, it was a Friday morning and no training (travel day) was planned but a friend and I wanted to do another sprint training, so we started at 7am and did some 5k (easy) sprint training together. It was just so nice to start the day with a nice orienteering session in the morning sun.

Other hobbies:
I really like cycling but also all kinds of other activities where you really do stuff like Bouldering, frisbee, such sorts…

Favourite dish and drink: I don’t directly have a favorite dish nor drink but what I often miss while being abroad is proper (German-style) bread :D, plus potatoes in any form always work for me!

Marital status:
Single – will there be a profile in an orienteering internal dating app now I don´t yet know about?

Free style or classic style?
Free style whatever the question is referring to.
Just do it your own way. I like to quote Simone Biles here "I"m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I"m the first Simone Biles"


Greetings to your new club mates
So far I only mainly know Tuomas and Maxime but judging on what I heard and read I will be part in not just a club but also in an orienteering family. I am therefore quite excited to meet everyone else from Ankkuri to enjoy orienteering and rock some relays together!

Willkommen Colin!

Vesa Mäkinen - 20.12.2018, 14:40