Esittelyssä uusi ankkuri: Ondřej Metelka

Ankkurin miesten ryhmä vahvistuu ensi kaudelle. Tšekin maajoukkueessakin jo kesän maailmancupissa kotimaassaan esiintynyt Ondrej Metelka liittyy seuraan! ”Ondra” on 22-vuotiaana kehittyvänä ja tavoitteellisena suunnistajana erittäin tervetullut lisä kehittyvään, nuorekkaaseen ja kansainväliseen edustusryhmäämme.

Tämän Ankkuri-perheen uusimman jäsenen perinteinen tervetulohaastattelu.

Name: Ondřej Metelka

Born: 9. 7. 2001

Best accomplishments so far:
Being selected to WUOC 2022 (middle, long, relay) and World Cup in Czechia this year (middle, long). Results not important😄
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Why and how you became an orienteer?
As a kid, I always wanted to be a navigator when going somewhere by car, so my parents who knew about orienteering from university, brought me to a club training, and the sport really got me (or so they told me, I don"t really remember).

Where do you live and what do you study?
I am from Hradec Králové (Eastern Bohemia), but I am currently studying AI in Brno (Southern Moravia), where I live in a "villa" with 12 other orienteers from all across Czechia and Slovakia.

Plans and goals for next season and beyond:
Generally I would like to improve my orienteering skills to get to real elite (at least Czech-wise) level, hopefully run WUOC next year and maybe visit Finland for WOC in two years 😄 But the main goal is to keep enjoying this sport in many years same as do now.

Previous clubs:
Just my home club OK99 Hradec Králové.

Why did you choose Ankkuri?
I was at a camp in Finland with other people from Czechia this August and one of them, Miloš Nykodým, met a guy from Ankkuri (I think it was Mikko Sirén) during training, so he asked him about me and that was it. I like you refer to yourself as a "family" and the communication I yet had with Maco was just great. Plus I think you have very cool name and logo!😄

Favourite terrain:
The more demanding (physically or technically) the better. But please no nettles or blackberry bushes.

I met Thierry Gueorgiou in person and he made a great impression to me (besides from what he did during his orienteering career).

Favourite relay leg:
The one I finish without any mistake - I hope there will be many of those.

Best orienteering memory:
WUOC banquet, if that counts😄

Other hobbies:
I play viola (a little bigger violin) and I love it. If you are from musical environment, you may have probably heard some jokes about us - here is one in English:
What do have a lawyer and a viola player in common? Everybody"s happier when the case is closed.

Favourite dish and drink:
I like both foreign and Czech cuisine, so I"m going to say pizza and beer.

Marital status:

Free style or classic style?
I think I am more classical person, but experimenting mood comes from time to time.

Instagram (@_metelesku_blesku), but I am not a frequent poster there.

Greetings to your new club mates
Hi everyone, can"t wait to meet you and looking forward to do some orienteering and have fun with you!

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