Ankkurin tapahtumakalenteri

19.05.2018, klo 10-18
Jukola-treenileiripäivä suppamaastossa. Somero


10.00 Rendez-vous at Valkee (Kaskistontie 1077, 31470 Somero)
10.30 First training mass start
Theme: Relay situations: 4 x 1,5 km loops. Different start procedures: French training, 10 sec intervals, wave start, mass start
Pace: Fast and furious

12.30 Lunch, speculation and rest at Kivihovi (Location)
14.00 Possibility to go for a swim and relax at Valkee public beach

16.00 Second training (Kaskistontie 1077, 31470 Somero)
Theme: Longish and easyish (may include talk-O). Take your time to read into the contour details and make yourself at home with them.
Pace: Easy to moderate

A la carte or buffet at Kivihovi: Lunch menu (available only in Finnish)

ILMOITTAUTUMINEN Vesalle 044-5271697 tai vesa.m.makinen () viimeistään torstaina 17.5. klo 23:59.

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